The return of the girls

The second week of spring brought more of the squad back to training. Monday was a repeat of last week, the toys were out and Samuel, Sam, Georgia, David, Tyler, Maddison, Jess, Maja and Lauren were there to pull and be pulled over 30m.

The injured trio of Craig, Lucy and Tori were put through their paces on a low impact session on Monday and Wednesday.

They did join the others in some medicine ball work as the completed an acceleration session together. Sam and Sue again dominated the throws, but Craig pulled out the big guns in the overhead toss, showing plenty of disdain for the medicine ball. David and Georgia however showed they had the better reflexes over their older compatriots with solid starts.

Friday saw more athletes on the hill than politicians in the house. Samuel produced his best set ever with 3 x 18s and 2 x 19s runs. Jess and Lauren proved they had the fitness stakes over sprint Queens Maddison and Lucy, even Maja had some wins today over her older rivals. David was a lot more consistent today and ran a PB. Tyler was strong in his first crack and the hill, while Casey and Hayley left their best runs to last with big improvements over the 130m.