Recoup, Low Impact Session

When running isn’t possible due to injury, adjust your workout to suit your injury. Try this for the next two weeks out at Charnwood! Steps: 3 x 30s, 30s recovery Lunges: 3 x 20m; Hip flexors: 3 x 20m; Squats (full): 3 x 10; Hurdle drills: Trail leg, Lead Leg, Step-overs, Step-unders.

Spring into training

Yes, Winter has ended and the sun is out, so this last week we have been celebrating with some explosive development sessions. The squad enjoyed some parachute, sled, cable and pulls. Maddison had to pull the Coach over 30m which is one dead weight she won’t get over anytime soon. Sam, Jess and Georgia all […]

Time Trials: August

The last month of winter training and time trials are showing plenty of potential for the summer ahead. It took Jess a month, but she’s equalled her PB in a great time of 7.1s for 50m. Tori also did a PB running 7.05s, while Maddie was only 0.7s off her best clocking 6.85s. Sam ran […]

Blake claims Zurich 100m after Gay false starts

Jamaican Yohan Blake continued to show he is the fastest man in the world outside of Usain Bolt, recording another blistering performance in Zurich. The 22-year-old world champion became the second fastest man in the world after clocking 9.69 seconds in Lausanne last week to equalise American Tyson Gay. And Blake held his nerve in […]

Leo Manzano bizarre pre-race ritual

This pre-race ritual is just wrong on so many levels! Of course it isn’t a sprinter.  

Worst Long Jump run-up mishap

This is a lesson in track etiquette and common sense.

Jon Drummond swears he didn’t move

How to interrupt a world championship Jon Drummond style!  

Maurice Greene’s burning shoes

Former WR Maurice Greene certainly knew how to promote himself on the track!  

Michelle Jenneke’s Summertime Love routine

Is this part of an elaborate warm up routine, a psychological edge over her competitors or does Michelle really get off on the hurdles? The best thing is she does it with a smile!  

Spring into a core workout

For the next 6 weeks try doing the following 2 or 3 times a week… – 3 sets of 5 push ups on fingers; – 3 sets of 5 back extensions; – 3 sets of 10 seated twists with a soccer ball; – 3 sets of 5 pendulums on each side; – 3 sets of […]