Time Trials: October

It was an Oktoberfest celebration across the squad this month as times have steadily improved leading into the State Titles in November.

What’s a pleasing sign for golden girl Lucy, a return from injury in setting a new PB of 20.9s for the 150m, set the tone for the whole squad. Akech took half a second off his previous best, running 22.4s. David¬†(20.8s) and Maddie (22.1s)¬†remained consistent, Zac started well (22.4s) in his first time trial, along with Yanke (21.6s), Lauren (21.9s),¬†Achingol (23.7s) and Tyler (21.7s).

The AIS was the venue for Sue’s fastest 100m of the year (13.6s) and ditto for Maddie (13.7s), while Jethro (11.7s), Lucy (13.3s), Jess (14.6s) have maintained top form. The rest of the squad recorded their season bests including Mackenzie (13.7s), David (13.7s), Yanke (13.7s) and Akech (15.1s). The big winner of the night though was Jess who ran a sizzling 12.7s for a flying 100m.

An ominous warning for the competition at State Titles this month.

Just in – The Northside Zone Athletics Carnival saw some top performances from FAST. Maddison, Yanke, Jess, Lucy, Jethro and Tori all earning 1st place finishes. Samuel, Alex, Karla and Mackenzie also getting top 5 finishes in their events. Lucy’s 400m time (68.2s) was a huge personal best. Jethro dominated the 100m/200m double, Jess took out the 1500m and a place at ACTs in the 200m. Yanke took out the 200m. Tori made it through in the 200m and also won the TJ. Mackenzie’s LJ gave her automatic qualification to State Titles. Samuel’s top 5 finishes were very exciting in the hotly contested U16B final.

Time Trials: September

Just like in August, September ended with a wet and windy day so the AIS Time Trials didn’t happen, so can’t report on progress on the 100m and the 300m for this month.

However the boys were pushed in the 50m with Mackenzie doing her first time trial with FAST. Clocking an impressive 6.8s, she’s now the equal of Maddison (6.9s) this season, to take out joint ownership for the best female sprinter over 50m in the group. Lauren and Jess pushed each other hard as well in running 7.2s, whereas Georgia ran a PB in 8.5s.

The boys didn’t have to worry only about Mackenzie, with Rick 6.4s, David 6.8s, Tyler 8.1s and Akech 7.6s providing plenty of highlights. It was Rick though that gave Samuel (6.4s) a run for his money to keep the young gun honest this month. Craig continues to mend well on his low impact training regime and will be looking over his shoulder with these times.

The big improver in the 150m was Tori with a PB of 21.2s, giving Sue (20.8s) a shock in both races. Karla and Mackenzie dead-heated in 23.4s for their first hit-up this season. The performance of the night belonged to Jethro who ran a super-sonic 18.5s from David 20.6s, Sam 20.6s, Akech 22.8s and Lucy’s 21.3s rounding off the top ten performances of the trial.

So plenty of personal and season bests this month. Proving that the power acceleration work this month has had a tremendous benefit on everyone in the group, leading into the first month of competition this season. October though will be another power month as the squad return to a heavy workload before tapering in time for All Schools.

Recoup, Hill Session

Take to the hills with this recoup session:

  1. Lunges, 3x20m
  2. Figure 8s, 3 sets each side
  3. Step Ups
  4. Abdominal ball raise: Up/Down, Left/Right
  5. Calf stretches


Recoup, Low Impact Session #2

Continue your recovery with some alternative exercises

  1. Steps: 3 x 30s, 30s recovery;
  2. Lunge downs;
  3. 3 x 10 x Hurdle drills: Trail leg, Lead Leg, Step-overs, Step-unders;
  4. Box steps;
  5. PNF Stretch with band;
  6. Figure 8s;
  7. Abdominal ball raise: Up/Down, Left/Right;

See you at training this week!

The return of the girls

The second week of spring brought more of the squad back to training. Monday was a repeat of last week, the toys were out and Samuel, Sam, Georgia, David, Tyler, Maddison, Jess, Maja and Lauren were there to pull and be pulled over 30m.

The injured trio of Craig, Lucy and Tori were put through their paces on a low impact session on Monday and Wednesday.

They did join the others in some medicine ball work as the completed an acceleration session together. Sam and Sue again dominated the throws, but Craig pulled out the big guns in the overhead toss, showing plenty of disdain for the medicine ball. David and Georgia however showed they had the better reflexes over their older compatriots with solid starts.

Friday saw more athletes on the hill than politicians in the house. Samuel produced his best set ever with 3 x 18s and 2 x 19s runs. Jess and Lauren proved they had the fitness stakes over sprint Queens Maddison and Lucy, even Maja had some wins today over her older rivals. David was a lot more consistent today and ran a PB. Tyler was strong in his first crack and the hill, while Casey and Hayley left their best runs to last with big improvements over the 130m.

Recoup, Low Impact Session

When running isn’t possible due to injury, adjust your workout to suit your injury. Try this for the next two weeks out at Charnwood!

  1. Steps: 3 x 30s, 30s recovery
  2. Lunges: 3 x 20m;
  3. Hip flexors: 3 x 20m;
  4. Squats (full): 3 x 10;
  5. Hurdle drills: Trail leg, Lead Leg, Step-overs, Step-unders.

Spring into training

Yes, Winter has ended and the sun is out, so this last week we have been celebrating with some explosive development sessions.

The squad enjoyed some parachute, sled, cable and pulls. Maddison had to pull the Coach over 30m which is one dead weight she won’t get over anytime soon. Sam, Jess and Georgia all showed plenty of power as they pushed off the line attached to the various equipment.

David joined the group for his first training session and proved he has fast reflexes, easily dominating Sam, Georgia and Sue. However earlier in the session the power belonged to Sue and Sam as they threw the heavy weight way over the 10m mark.

Hill sprints ended the week on a cold and windy day in Canberra. Jess showed she was all class with a consistent performance up the hill that was unmatched by the other members of the squad. David and Casey however did show plenty of grit as the hill has history of taking no prisoners and they certainly dominated the hill when it counted.

Time Trials: August

The last month of winter training and time trials are showing plenty of potential for the summer ahead.

It took Jess a month, but she’s equalled her PB in a great time of 7.1s for 50m. Tori also did a PB running 7.05s, while Maddie was only 0.7s off her best clocking 6.85s. Sam ran 6.6s, but his younger namesake Samuel held him off with a 6.3s. Craig still sits on top of the leader board for this month.

Sue’s comeback to training this month has seen her clock a PB in the 150m, running 20.69s. Samuel is the top dog over the distance this time with an improving 19.77s. Impressive following his recent success in Judo in the Australian Youth Olympic qualifiers.

In wet and cold conditions, the squad battered the weather out of the track with PBs/SBs across the group. Casey improved her standing and flying 100m times by 0.1s respectively. Sue also improved both of her SB for the 100m in clocking 13.7s for the 100m. Tori and Maddie battled hard running SBs of 14.15 and 14.3 respectively. Hayley also did a PB in the 100m taking a massive 0.9s off her time in the flying 100m.

In her absence last month, Lucy took Sue’s title over 300m, but she regained it clocking 49.19s and dropping a second from her previous SB. Casey equalled her PB, while Tori and Hayley recorded SB. However Jess was the big winner, taking a massive 5s off her previous best in clocking 54.0s for the 300m.

Spring into a core workout

For the next 6 weeks try doing the following 2 or 3 times a week…

– 3 sets of 5 push ups on fingers;
– 3 sets of 5 back extensions;
– 3 sets of 10 seated twists with a soccer ball;
– 3 sets of 5 pendulums on each side;
– 3 sets of 5 lying straight leg raises;
– 3 sets of 10 soccer ball crunches;
– 3 sets of 5 crunches with a twist;
– 3 sets of 3 bananas, 30secs up, 30secs down, 30s up, 30s down, etc;
– 3 sets of 3 planks, 30secs up, 30secs down, 30s up, 30s down, etc;
– 3 sets of 3 superman lifts, 30secs up, 30secs down, 30s up, 30s down, etc;
– 3 sets of 10 seated knee lifts;

Don’t have any recovery between sets. Simply go from one exercise to the next. After you finish one set of each exercise, start from the top again.

See me on Wednesday if you need help knowing what some of these are.