Sue begins the season with a high

The summer isn’t yet officially here, but on the weekend Fast’s own Sue Bourke maintained her World Ranking with a solid ¬†67.7s over the 400m at the last ACT Athletics High Noon competition of the year. Sue is ranked 16th in the world over 400m with a time of 66.34s at the last ACT Championships is in really good form leading into summer.

Sue’s 100m time (14.1s) was an improvement on her World Ranking time from last season, moving her up 9 positions into 20th in the world. Leading the 100m times is the mercurial¬†Merlene Ottey.

Having not yet run a 200m time this season, Sue will be hoping to bring her strong winter form and improve her 16th ranking in that event as well.

Training among the Fastest Sprinters in Canberra is sure to continue to improve Sue’s times as she prepares for Nationals later this year.

Recoup, Low Impact Session #2

Continue your recovery with some alternative exercises

  1. Steps: 3 x 30s, 30s recovery;
  2. Lunge downs;
  3. 3 x 10 x Hurdle drills: Trail leg, Lead Leg, Step-overs, Step-unders;
  4. Box steps;
  5. PNF Stretch with band;
  6. Figure 8s;
  7. Abdominal ball raise: Up/Down, Left/Right;

See you at training this week!

The return of the girls

The second week of spring brought more of the squad back to training. Monday was a repeat of last week, the toys were out and Samuel, Sam, Georgia, David, Tyler, Maddison, Jess, Maja and Lauren were there to pull and be pulled over 30m.

The injured trio of Craig, Lucy and Tori were put through their paces on a low impact session on Monday and Wednesday.

They did join the others in some medicine ball work as the completed an acceleration session together. Sam and Sue again dominated the throws, but Craig pulled out the big guns in the overhead toss, showing plenty of disdain for the medicine ball. David and Georgia however showed they had the better reflexes over their older compatriots with solid starts.

Friday saw more athletes on the hill than politicians in the house. Samuel produced his best set ever with 3 x 18s and 2 x 19s runs. Jess and Lauren proved they had the fitness stakes over sprint Queens Maddison and Lucy, even Maja had some wins today over her older rivals. David was a lot more consistent today and ran a PB. Tyler was strong in his first crack and the hill, while Casey and Hayley left their best runs to last with big improvements over the 130m.

Recoup, Low Impact Session

When running isn’t possible due to injury, adjust your workout to suit your injury. Try this for the next two weeks out at Charnwood!

  1. Steps: 3 x 30s, 30s recovery
  2. Lunges: 3 x 20m;
  3. Hip flexors: 3 x 20m;
  4. Squats (full): 3 x 10;
  5. Hurdle drills: Trail leg, Lead Leg, Step-overs, Step-unders.

Spring into training

Yes, Winter has ended and the sun is out, so this last week we have been celebrating with some explosive development sessions.

The squad enjoyed some parachute, sled, cable and pulls. Maddison had to pull the Coach over 30m which is one dead weight she won’t get over anytime soon. Sam, Jess and Georgia all showed plenty of power as they pushed off the line attached to the various equipment.

David joined the group for his first training session and proved he has fast reflexes, easily dominating Sam, Georgia and Sue. However earlier in the session the power belonged to Sue and Sam as they threw the heavy weight way over the 10m mark.

Hill sprints ended the week on a cold and windy day in Canberra. Jess showed she was all class with a consistent performance up the hill that was unmatched by the other members of the squad. David and Casey however did show plenty of grit as the hill has history of taking no prisoners and they certainly dominated the hill when it counted.