Time Trials: June

Samuel heads the leader board in the middle of winter with a fantastic 6.1s run over 50m, Jess 7.1s, Hayley 8.9s, Kiarah 7.3s and Casey 9.0s also managed SB. Craig managed a 6.3s red hot go over 50m which is a good sign for his first serious hit out on his return to training.

The girls took charge over 150m with Sue 21.9s, Maddie 21.6s and Tori 25.2s recording great times in the cold conditions at Charnwood.

Out at the AIS this week, Jethro owned the 100m in 12.3s, but only just from Samuel also in 12.3s, Lucy recorded 13.4s, Jess 15.5s, Sue 13.9s and Casey 19.5s. Craig and Jethro went head to head in the flying 100m both recording a SB 11.6s, Samuel 12.1s, Jess q4.7s, Sue 13.8s, Lucy 13.2s and Casey 19.2s.

The 300m again proved the downfall of many a sprinter, but it was Sue’s night running 50.2s to finish just behind Jethro 49.9s, Jess 59.4s, Lucy 57.6s, Samuel 53.6s and Casey in a SB 79s.